From "Yew-Tree-Log" to finished bowl
by Trevor Cocks

Yew tree log marked out prior to cutting with chain saw. First cuts made to obtain the largest possible bowl blank. Three bowl blanks ready for turning.

Remaining section chain sawn in half …… …. to reveal the wood grain and colour, The black areas are tree bark which have become encapsulated in the wood as branches have grown together. Marked out ready to be cut on the band saw.

Band sawn ready for mounting on faceplate. Outside of bowl finished and polished ready for re-chucking. Bowl mounted in home made wooden jaws (spigot on this bowl is 4” Dia. These jaws will also take a 6” Dia. spigot).

Work started hollowing out the inside. Freestanding tool rest had to be constructed due to the large overhang.

Finished bowl showing the lighter coloured sapwood on the rim. Finished bowl is 10 ½ “ Diax 4 Ύ” high.

Areas of included bark on inside of bowl have been removed and replaced with black “InLace” resin prior to finishing.
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